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Online Therapy

Online Therapy in Florida and Reasons to Try it.

Most of the people in Florida are turning to online therapy for help to their problems. Because most people have tight and busy schedules, it can be difficult to visit a  Florida therapist face to face. Online Therapy is getting embraced in most of Florida health offices such as Wellness Garden Therapy LLC. Here are the reasons why you should try online therapy:

Online Therapy in the state of Florida allows the patients to book their schedules, which fit into their time virtually. You can book the sessions even when you are on vacation, on a trip, or even during your lunch break. With online therapy, you can save more money, which would be spent commuting.
More Comfortable

Online therapy allows you to connect with a therapist in the state of Florida from the comfort of your home, car, or even office. Most people are even afraid to meet a therapist face to face, but doing it online or virtually can give you a comfortable experience and is more private. When you are secure in your home, you can easily talk to a therapist when you feel comfortable.

Online therapy is a distance, type of counseling that has been in existence for a long time. It’s also beneficial and works just like the face to face meeting with a therapist.

Most of the Florida insurance companies are beginning to cover online therapy because most of their clients view it as cost-effective. With online therapy, you don’t need to commute and find the therapist. The treatment is also affordable because it doesn’t require insurance.

With online therapy/telehealth at Wellness Garden Therapy, LLC, you first will consult with your therapist for 15-minutes (free of charge). Once both parties agree to move forward with sessions, an invoice will  be sent 24 hours prior to scheduled intake, once invoice is paid, time slot and date is confirmed for intake. same procedure regarding invoice will follow each week for continued weekly or biweekly sessions.

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