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Mental Health Counselor in Florida

Tips for selecting the best Mental Health Counselor in Florida

Choosing a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida is one of the most crucial and personal decision that you can make to help guide you through your mental health journey with depressions, panic, stress and anxiety. Everyone faces many problems in life that are difficult to solve on their own, but you can overcome the problems quickly with the help of a counselor. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak, most of the counselors are preferring to use telehealth to reduce exposure. At Wellness Garden Therapy, LLC, we have mental health counselors who use telehealth to remotely meet with the patients and relieve their mental issues. We help you live a healthier life by helping you to create healthier thoughts! Here are some essential tips that will help you select the best mental health counselor in the state of Florida:
Check for qualifications.

When choosing a mental health counselor, ensure that you check whether they are licensed in the state they are practicing in and that their degree is from a legitimate university. You also want to choose a counselor that maintains professionalism but can also meet you where you are.
Check if they are registered with an association.

The association, which your mental health counselor gets registered to, must have a code of ethics and must have high training and education standards. Your counselor must also be accountable to the association.
Good listening skills.

A good mental health counselor must have good listening skills. They must be ready to listen to your mental problems and offer specialized counseling that is specifically tailored to your needs. The counselor must also be respectful and be prepared to challenge you if necessary. Ensure you choose a counselor who you are comfortable to share your mental health concerns with.
Must be flexible.

Your mental health counselor must have flexible schedules to fit your needs. They must also be adaptable to day to day changes. Each day comes with different mental issues that require an expert counselor. For example, Covid 19 pandemic has caused many mental problems and changes in people’s lifestyles. Your counselor should be flexible to these changes and find telehealth alternatives to help the patients expose them to danger.

Ensure that you compare the cost of different counselors before choosing your best. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is that affordable services does not always equate to quality services. Therefore, ensure to focus on quality services as much as pricing. Also, consider the mode of payment for sessions. For example, at Wellness Garden Therapy, LLC, we don’t take insurance at this time, but accept all the other private pay, such as debit/ credit cards, Zelle, and PayPal.

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